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Craving authentic Mexican food?

Preparing a Taco

Mestizo-Taqueria has everything you need to satisfy your hunger.

Our summer taco stand at The Launch is the perfect spot to grab a bite and enjoy the beautiful weather.

And if you are hosting an event, let us cater and make it unforgettable!

Chilli flakes are poured into a wooden dish. Chilli flakes and dried chili peppers on a br

Who we are

Our Name

Our decision to name our business

Mestizo-Taqueria was inspired by our unique identity as a Mexican-Canadian family. The term "Mestizo" holds special meaning for us, symbolizing the beautiful blend of cultures and traditions that we bring to our culinary creations. Rooted in the Spanish word "mestizo," which describes individuals of mixed heritage, our choice of name reflects our own diverse backgrounds and the fusion of Mexican and Canadian influences that shape our family. Just as our name signifies a harmonious blending of different cultures, our dishes embody a fusion of authentic Mexican flavours that honour our roots. Welcome to Mestizo-Taqueria, where our name tells the story of our Mexican-Canadian heritage and our passion for sharing exceptional Mexican dining experiences with you.

Our Passion

Growing up in Mexico, I was raised in a traditional family where I watched my mom cook with recipes passed down through generations. This upbringing sparked my love for authentic Mexican cuisine, which eventually led my family to start a business specializing in Mexican street food. It all began at a taco stand at     The Launch, where we served up mouthwatering tacos al pastor and Mexican street corn that quickly became a hit with customers. Their support motivated us to expand our business, and we now offer catering services to share our passion for Mexican food with even more people. Just like my family's commitment to preserving our culinary heritage, we continue to serve up traditional flavors and satisfy our customers one delicious dish at a time. 

Our Ingredients

Mestizo-Taqueria prides itself on using only the finest ingredients, many of which are directly imported from Mexico. From flavorful dry chiles and aromatic herbs to authentic spices, we ensure that our dishes capture the true essence of Mexican cuisine. Our meat is sourced fresh from local farmers to guarantee top quality and taste. We also prioritize sustainability and support our community by locally sourcing our vegetables and fruits, showcasing the best of what the region offers in every dish we create. With a commitment to using the freshest and most authentic ingredients available, we strive to bring the vibrant flavours of Mexico right to your table.

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